Now that we haved all calmed down..



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  • Now that we haved all calmed down..

    Anyone got fishing plans for the weekend? I'm going to the Kenai with my Wife and 2 sons. Maybe I'll make good and by Marcus that beer, or was it 2 I need to practice my cast any way and watching my four year old son catch trout is better than a limit of reds any day in my book. Good luck and tight lines.

    PS - sorry about the multiple posts, crazy button pusher.

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    Halibut tomorrow out of Seward for me.


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      Deshka Bound!

      I am heading down to Deshka to try my luck! I can only hope that I can find all those darn fish. I am 50% on that river and can only hope to find out excatly where to go this time.


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        Little Su for me

        That is if I can find someone to go with me at 0430 am! My boat doesn't handle that well by myself. Plus I need another person to pull the anchor!

        The porcupine is a peaceful animal yet God still thought it necessary to give him quills....


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          trout ?

          Once every 4 yrs or so I decide to try my luck with the Kings on the lower dragstrip. Well this is the year so we will give it a shot tomm. One good thing about doing it this way is that my sucess rate is above 50% because if we get one between us it will be 8yrs before the % can go down
          Anyway, I have yet to fish the kenai for bows. Every year I say I will try & every year the valley silvers are just more exciting.
          The question I have for you is should we give a shot this weekend or is it to early ? We ( wife & I ) only spinfish so that could be another reason trout dont' make it a priority. So it would have to be the spinners or bead thing?
          Any advice on where & if I should bother with it this weekend ?


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            As a rule trout fishing gets better on the Kenai the latter in season, usually really good by the end of august into sept. Not that trout can't be caught now, they just tend to be bigger and more plentyful in the fall. I usually fly fish for them and carry a varity of flies (all the usuals) including beads. If REALLY helps to have a boat, in fact it is a necessity. I generally fish the "middle" river and I'm hoping to get some reds (or dreaming).Never really fished the lower for rainbows, most guys who fish rainbows probably do not either. I'm heading down more to let my boys spend time with grandpa and watch the batman rod in action. In the hands of a 4 year old it can be deadly!

            I figure you are going to try for trout after you are done with kings. Then I would put in at Skilak and head down river. (I'm assuming you have a boat). Have fun and good luck!
            How are the silvers up north?


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              Batman rod

              You should post a picture of the batman rod in action we you return, that sounds like one of those mastercard commecials.
              You never know the middle river might be as good as any place to hook a couple reds this year. I wonder if the pressure at bings will be higher or lower with the weak run & new limit ?? Mabey I will have to sneak in there on Sunday.
              Yeah the bows would be after kings for us but I think they will have to wait for another time.
              The silvers are just still pretty much hit or miss up north right now but I usually have to spend a full weekend on the lil su, deshka, & clear creek once August gets here. Then comes hunting season so I think I will put the end of Sept on the calendar as the target date for middle river rainbows.
              I'm in the process of getting a selfbailing raft so by then it should be a perfect time & place to try it out.
              Have a good weekend & good luck.


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                Originally posted by GWHunter
                I am heading down to Deshka to try my luck! I can only hope that I can find all those darn fish. I am 50% on that river and can only hope to find out excatly where to go this time.
                Drop Anchor directly in front of "Mike and Merts"....i dont care if it hair lips the devils, lol....use Vibrex, the silvers are running decent now.....and the pinks are building


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