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  • aug 15-31 (silvers)

    Hello, I will be in Anchorage for my anual migration, mainly to visit family and fish. We have a seward silver trip mapped out and will float the kenia for a few days.

    I was wondering how the silver salmon fishing, or anyother salmon would be like in anchorage area rivers, I was thinking I could drag my brother out before work if we were close enough to anchorage.

    What would the forcast typically be for bird, jim, or ship, that time of year?????????????? Or anyothers close by?

    Any help would be greatly appriciated, I'm counting the days down, in a couple weeks, I'll be counting the hours down!


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    a little broader

    Could anyone just tell me if I'm too late? Will runs start to dwindle? that info will be a good start.
    With any of the salmon, not just silvers,,,,,,,,pinks maybe??


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      I caught silvers out of Jim's creek all the way into the first part of September last year, and Seward should be great in that time period. Kenai shold have a bunch then, so should kasilof. Each river has it's own specific time frame, the fish and game site has more specifics I think, maybe someone has the link, but there are tables that show the best times. Even then, each river varies from year to year, for example silvers were pretty late on the kenai last year from what I remember.
      Hike faster. I hear banjo music.


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        one more thing

        Oh yeah, one more obvious thing: Check this site when you get here. you should be able to ask and find out what is biting where, and go there.
        Hike faster. I hear banjo music.


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          good advise

          Ya, the silvers were late on the kenia, we went down mide to late aug last year to a spot my brother usually does well at and zeroed, the dolly and bow fishing was great so I can't complain, I'm staying with my brother so internet access is no problem,,,,,thats great advise, I already check the forum 3 times a day anyway,,,,,,,,,,,,,,I just am one of those crazy planners, and talking and planning seems to make the time go by!! 3 weeks!!!


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