Super Tuesday on the Kenai, more like super dud.



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  • Super Tuesday on the Kenai, more like super dud.

    4 of us got blanked today on the Kenai. It wasn't much fun.

    I was at the Little Su last weekend and pulled out 2 silvers in 2 hours.

    brad g.
    So Cal, USA
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    The lower river report I got today was that most guide boats got 1 or 2 fish. A few got three and the rare boat limited, but most of those were all-day trips, not the usual half-day affair. Of course, some boats got skunked as well.

    On a collective basis for the entire fleet, that's pretty much par for the course on the Kenai.

    I think the Super Tuesday phenomenon is overblown. Yes, the river gets two days of rest from the guide fleet, but there's a ton of private boats on the water on Sunday and we have a driftboat Monday culling out a decent number of fish these days. Both the Kenai and Kasilof beaches are open to gillnetting on Monday as well, taking an average of 800-plus kings each day both beaches have been open for the past 4-5 years. (So far this year 628 on 7-10, 983 on 7-13, and 853 yesterday... average 821 for 2006).

    Compound that with all the extra boats the Super Tuesday hype puts on the water, and you have a formula for a whole lot of rods sharing no more fish than would otherwise be present any other day of the week.

    Personally, I like Wed and Thur best when fishing from the sled... seems to be a few less boats to compete with.

    For the ultimate Kenai experience, though, nothing beats a DB Monday.
    "Let every angler who loves to fish think what it would mean to him to find the fish were gone." Zane Grey
    The KeenEye MD


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      A local B&B owner/guide told me there were 600 boats on the lower river last Saturday, July 15th. . .


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        Where you out for Kings or for reds? Any word on what ADF&G plans on doing? Maybe I should just be fishing for silvers...


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