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Rainbows in September

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  • Rainbows in September

    Plan on bringing my son to Alaska for a few days of Rainbow trout fishing. Do not know what area is best, around Talkeetna or the Kenai area. Been fishing the Wind River range in Wyoming for years, looking for new areas. Not interested in monster fish, but lots of fun fishing. Do not want to be fishing with many others, how do I do that, go to a lodge? Have never used a guide before. How about cabin rentals on a lake with lake and stream fishing potential. Flyins sound good, but not up for sharing a tent camp with a bear.
    Thanks for any input.

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    if you want to have areas to yourself, a fly out will be your best option. the cost will be signifiacantly higher, but you won't have to fight with as many people.


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      Consider a train trip, above Talkeetna. They will drop you off and pick you up at your leisure. Lots of excellent rainbow fishing that way. Solitude is possible as well, or camp along the tracks with contact with people and train at least daily.
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        Fishing for rainbows is generally not crowded, most people target salmon. Even on the Kenia you can have alot of fun but you will need a boat to have the best success. There is several drift operators that will be able to put you on the fish out of coppers landing. I have to tell you that float is amazing, it will put a smile on you face! It is easy to get to via a car and the fish on that River can get huge. However, if you have some more money to spend the BEST place in AK for rainbows is Naknek (sp?) river in western alaska. You will need to get a flight from Anchorage to King Salmon and book some time at a lodge out there. Those guys will put you on tons fish with out a soul in sight. I do think the kenia has more "wow" factor, it like fishing in a postcard. Have fun in Alaska! Good Luck!


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          I have been doing some work around Iliamna these past few months and have heard that the Talarik Creeks are the best rainbow fishing in Alaska. I have not been there myself, but I have heard plenty of stories about monster fish. You would have to take a charter flight to get there. Maybe someone else on this forum knows more about the area. Just an idea for you to think about.


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            I'm looking for a place to take my wife when I get back from Iraq also. Need to plan the trip for mid September after moose hunt. I'm looking for a place that has a nice lodge good food dining and some great fishing. This will actually be our 10th anniversery this year and she luvs to fish, more than me at times. I think she would luv a surprise trip that has a little romance and a lot of fish. Anyone got any ideas? Open to fly ins also.Thanks


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              Rapids camp lodge on the Naknek river or Rainbow king lodge in Illiamna. Have fun! Congrats..


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