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King fishing near Eielson?

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  • King fishing near Eielson?

    Looking for general places to go, and how to get there; not asking for secert squrill locations or anything.

    Also curious if anyone has gone out this year and any luck you have had.

    Thank you...!

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    Chena / Salcha

    You have the two options both have Kings and both have road access.

    Fishing the Chena you have the flood control project **** down to the mouth of the Tanana just about any place will have fish (if the water ever drops). Salcha you have Munson Slough which is actually Clear Creek and about 1/2 mile of river bank fishing below the brdige.

    Tight Lines and Best Wishes

    Richard "Moose" Mousseau


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      we have been watching both rivers, saw a guy pull a small salmon in last night out by the **** projects of the chena. not sure if it was a king or a chum salmon? it was smaller; looked to be under 20". havent seen too much action out of the salcha but i havent been there since saturday. also i was told that slamon roe with corkies to float egg loop 5/0 hook is what will work, is this right or is there something better.


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        Salcha Update

        Fish are starting to come into the Salcha in good numbers. I caught one and lost two others in about 2 hours fishing from shore last night. Fishing Okie Drifters and roe. There are some pretty good snags, so bring some extra rigs with you.


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          so should i stay with the corkies and roe, what is a okie drifter? i think i will give it a try tonight.


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            Sorry for the confusion. An Okie Drifter is what I call corkie and egg snell. I was using a small orange corkie and 5/0 hook snelled for eggs. Pretty simple set up. Please feel free to PM me if you want more information.


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              Re: Chena Lakes project

              Here is a link to the webcam on the river at Chena Lakes


              I am trying to get John to focus the camera down on the river so hopefully you could see the fish go through.

              I have caught a number of fish here over the years.



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                Chena Lakes

                I just got this report from John at Chena,

                "Kings are late and just starting to show up in decent numbers. Chum are going to have a record run this season.


                Stop by the Corps office on your way in and talk to John Schaake, he runs the place, he is a great guy and loves to talk hunting and fishing. I will be up hunting with him again in September.

                Good luck,




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                  Spin /Glow, Corkie, Drifter, Marsh Mellow

                  Your choice of fishing floats should depend on the water flow, depth and clarity.

                  Size 5 Hooks are fine. If the water is high which it is on the Chena considering going upt o 7/0 hooks verses 5/0 you just might find more fished hook and landed.

                  Concerning your float / attractor one have dozen of the other most times. Fishing higher dirty water I tend to fish bigger rigs seems to be more productive over the long haul. Fishing Clear Water I tend to go smaller all the way down to just floating beads or Marsh-Mellows and roe.

                  Standard Leader should be 40-50 LBS ont he Chena and or Salcha some people like to go as high as 60 LBS little over kill in my opinon. We fish mostly 20/25 LBS 8ft Med/Heavy Action rods on the Gulkana and the Chena I would rather lose a rig than a rod any day.

                  Last Note - I do not fish bright colors very often no matter what the water conditions are. Ther are exception but they are the those fickle days when nothing seems to be working.

                  If your tossing lures size 5/6 Vibrex worked down and across the current.

                  One of the most important things is fishing the proper weight i.e. getting the bounce instead of the snag.

                  Tight Lines and Happy Hunting


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                    anyone having any luck lately on the chena or salcha? went out last night on the salch for a few hours didnt catch any, didnt see anyone catching any either.


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                      Thanks for the advice/help!

                      I will be out tomorow night attempting... Am trying the leaders up tonight.

                      Thanks again.


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                        Well after two nights we got one. Was about 38 inches and tasted darn good! Not great odds as after a total of about 10 hours invested and watching about 45 different fishers only say a total of 7 kings and one chum. Will try another location tonight.


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