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  • AKCAPT look at this

    Capt. Andy did you see the pictorial of the trip he did with you that “sideplate” posted on the national boating forum “The Hull Truth?” He posted a lot of photos and narrative about Seward and the long-range fishing he did on your boat. He did a pretty nice job of it. He hammed it up a bit but it was great, he showed a photo of you and said, “Don’t let the smile fool you, he kills fish for a living and he abuses deckhands for sport! Even as a paying passenger, you do not want to screw up too many times. But if you're looking for someone to put you on serious fish, this is the man!” Go to “The Hull Truth” then open the folder “Reel Talk” and then open the thread “just got back from Alaska!”

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    Pastor Bob

    Thank you! WOW! put it in my favorites.
    Heading to POW, end of this month..look for property/fish & fish & fish.
    Capt George


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      Hey there Pastor Bob,

      I did not see that, thanks! Fishing has been on fire this year for us. Especially the long range trips, I have found some areas that no boats fish, ever and the results have been incredible....Only if fuel was a little cheaper!


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        Capt. Andy could you send me an email about how much one of these trips costs? Thanks.


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