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  • Vacuum Packing Questions

    Kaylin and I are heading up in september.. I usually take my vacuum packer everywhere we go when fishing... I prefer to pack my own fish etc... The question in not sure about is how we are going to freeze the fish on our trip.. We are going to be on the Kenai for 10 days, doing the rv thing..

    Would it be best to vacuum them and then stop and let a processor keep them in the freezer.. Or just pack them in ice and wait a few days, then drop them off somewhere.. Or just have someone vacuum pack our fish for us... I was kind of thinking of taking several boxes of fish and sending them out overnight to relatives..

    I know for our halibut trip, the guy i want to go with will let you store them till your ready to leave

    Would appreciate some ideals here guys and gulls



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    Tom, I don't have any names off the top of my nugget but there are places in Soldotna that will freeze and store your fish. Don't leave any fish on ice that you don't plan on eating while you're here. In case you didn't already know...cut the gills on your fish to bleed them out.

    Enjoy your stay!
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      Freezer space


      Custom Seafood Processing at mile 2 of the Spur Highway;
      Ed's Kasilof Seafood Processing at the bridge in Soldotna;

      good luck


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        Have them freeze it

        You might call the two places the previous poster gave you to see if they'll freeze your vacuum packed fish, and see if it's less $ than if they pack and freeze. Either way, I wouldn't wait more than a couple of days to freeze the fish. Quality could go down the longer you keep them unfrozen.


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          Freezing fish

          I am not sure whether those places already mentioned will freeze your fish that you've already vaccuum packed or not. Another option, however, is one that I've used with success. I have a large cooler (70 qt.) that has a tray that sits in the top portion of the cooler. I have filleted and vacuum packed my fish at the river before, then throw the packs down into the cooler. Stop by one of the fish processors or local stores and pick up 10-15 pounds worth of dry ice. I put the dry ince in the top tray of the cooler and close the lid. Leave it closed and your fish will end up freezing up.

          I know the fish processors blast freeze the fish which makes them freeze solid within a couple of hours, and lots of people swear by that method, it is just more costly. The dry ice will not freeze your fish solid within a couple hours, but it will freeze them, and I have kept packed fish in my freezer at home that I used this method on for a year or so and still enjoyed eating it just fine.

          Good luck.
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            Thanks for the info guys and gulls..

            I do like the ideal of vacuuming them myself and keeping them on dry ice.. I dont know how much dry ice costs up there, but know here in texas its cheap..

            Im thinking were going to ship a box up there with stuff, so we can throw in the vacuum packer... I dont even have to bring it back with me, i have about 10 of them lol.

            So may do that, and then drop them off when we fill the cooler..

            We are only planning on bringing home about 75lbs of fish Half halibut and half salmon..

            Sure hope we can catch lots of silvers that time of year... Im new to fishing alaska, but from what ive been hearing.,. It shouldnt be a problem catching lots of silvers.

            Almost everything i know about fishing alaska has come off this board and I do appreciate all the help ya'll have been since i started doing my research about 6 months ago.

            If any of you want to know anything about fishing the Gulf of Mexico or bays in texas.. Check out our forum.. We have 19000 members...



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