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7/15/06 Seward Update

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  • 7/15/06 Seward Update

    Went Out Of Seward Yesterday. Headed To Pony Cove And Did Really Well On Silvers 12 In An Hour. We Trolled With 2.5 Oz Banana Sinkers With A Plug Cut Herring And Ran The Downriggers With Dodgers And Herring On A Clip At About 20-45 Ft. We Had 12 In The Boat In Around 2 Hours. Than Headed To Ailak Bay And Caught 7 Ling Cod, Only One Was 35" However. Caught 3 Black Bass And One 45lb King That Hit A Jig That Looked Similar To A Big Candle Fish! Itwas A Great Fight On A Bass Rod! Spotted 4-5 Hump Backs (i Think They Were Hump Backs). One Of Which Was Only 30 Ft From The Boat After It Set Off The Downrigger!!! I Had Been Watching The Pole At The Time And We Had Not Seen Any Sign Of Whales Till That Point And The Rod Went Off And A Huge Spray Of Water Sprayed Form The Whale And Half Scared Me To Death. The Whale Must Have Spit The Hook Because He Wasn't On, But It Could Have Been A Good Fight. Ha Ha. The Whales Were About 10 Miles In From Pony Cove.
    Great Trip
    Long Boat Ride Around 70 Miles Round Trip!

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    No halibut? Sounds like you had a good trip. How was the water?
    Living the Alaskan Dream
    Gary Keller
    Anchorage, AK


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      Way to go Searunner...! Sounds like a perfect day on the water. That's why we do what we do...


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        Good weekend

        Sounds like you had a great weekend. Did the bite die off at Pony? I noticed you didn't get your limit. Died off for me there last weekend after a strong start.


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          No The Bite Didn't Die, I Didn't Think I Could Fish Outside The Bay If I Kept 6 Silvers Per Person. So We Kept 3 So We Could Fish Ailak For Ling Cod.


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            Water Was 10 And 2-3


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              You're right about not being able to have more than 3 silvers in posession outside the bay. I caught some lings (barely legal size) in the Chiswells. Found out how much more fun it is to catch them on salmon gear than on heavy halibut gear. With the regs as they are, it's tough because you have to chose between getting lings or your limit of 6 salmon (inside the bay), but not both.


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