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  • POW Fishing??

    Just went through all 18 pages of postings, nothing to speak of re: POW

    Either AK is so big, that POW is just not in the picture, or the fishing there is less desireable then many other locations.

    Any views on this? Particular species not an issue with me, have caught from chubs to giant bluefin and everything in between and I love all of them.

    Taking that into consideration, what's your fishing view on POW?

    Thanks Capt George

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    Pow! Pow!

    It's the 3rd largest island in the USA and has ample opportunity. Check out the AREAS button on this site for your prliminary data. Request the guide from the Chamber of Commerence for specific details; it is excellent.

    I haven't been there, yet. From what I've been browsing I have determined that this area is next on my list...

    "Two decades researching and defining fishing opportunities in the Last Frontier!"


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      I hear you. Heading to POW the first week of September and am beginning to wonder if it even exists. I'm also having a hard time getting any first hand knowledge.


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        I'll be there by the end of the month, have a cousin that has vacationed there 15 years...not really a "fisherman". Years ago he told me he was catching these big fish in the river at his camp..I asked, "what kind", his answer, "how the hell do I know, they're fish!"They were salmon.

        He is way south on the island....2007 I'll be there at least from May through September. Probably won't be hard to locate if we stay in touch.
        I will keep same e address gpurrm@hotmail.com drop a line.

        2 1/2 yrs in Baja 500 miles south of San Diego, had enough. It is great though..grouper to eighty lbs trolling rapallas..good beach fishing, halibut to 30 lbs (pacific). However, I hear Alaska calling louder and louder.

        At sixty years of age, I'd better heed the call...Capt George


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          book ordered! looking forward to it...also ordered a CD on line:

          Prince of Wales online take a peek! Capt G


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            the Rock

            Prince of Wales used to be called 'the best kept secret in Alaska' ....

            With over 2000 sq miles and about 1000 miles of road system there is plenty of good fishing.

            It's just that this board is dominated by the norther region. That is where Ak's population is. The Island might have 5000 people living out there. The economy is pretty flat right now.

            From what I've seen in the past not many POW Island residents 'surf' the net. They are out fishing and hunting !!!!!

            I travel over there this afternoon for a week of stream fishing guiding.

            The Dollies are in good being followed by Humpies and Dog Salmon. There are a few early run Coho Salmon streams to fish. Also some Sockeye streams. There are a few sea run Cutthroat creeks. There is also good resident Cutthroat fishing. Saltwater fishing on the west coast is excellent.

            "fish on"
            johnnie laird


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              thanks Muskeg

              be there end of this month...probably stay at my cousins cabin down south..a bit downriver from Bear Valley Resort...also gonna spend some time looking at properties...live in FL get away from the summer heat. Maybe six months FL six AK For some reason Klawock looks really interesting...?? thanks Have a great trip....loved guiding in the Fl Keys for bonefish, tarpon and permit..did for 5 yrs. got toooo crowded for me.

              Capt George


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                El Cap

                Actually the El Capitain area is in the mid / west / northern part of the Island.

                It takes a while to get up there from the ferry landing at Hollis. Now-a-days there is pavement up to the Coffman Cove turn off but it is slow road past that.

                I don't know that area very well as the Island is big and I don't make it up that way very often.

                I guide within a couple hours drive from Hollis, mainly. Sometimes taking a trip up north but it is mostly for sightseeing. We probably will make it up to Whale Pass for some of that early Coho action.

                Have a good time on your trip and driver careful .....
                johnnie laird


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                  my mistake..there might be capitan cave in the area..my cousin is down around Hydaburg...said it takes 2 3 hours to get to Craig...
                  will touch base with you on your web e address thanks gp


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                    I too am looking for any info I can on POW. It looks very intriguing. I like places one can drive to, take the toys along for an extended period of time.

                    Cpt. George, I spent 3 years wandering Baja in the mid 80s, love the place, I've only been back for a week in 2004 of kayak fishing the east cape. I'd like to get back there for an extended period with a kayak.

                    I'm collecting info because I spent a couple months in Chokoloskee, FL. and the folks next to me spend May thru October up at POW chartering. They got me interested in the area. Contemplating spending a summer up there with travel trailer and kayaks. Fishing both fresh and salt. I'm heading back to Chokoloskee to guide for Everglades Kayak Fishing for the fall winter and spring. Then I'm not sure if it'll be Baja or AK. Whichever the other will get the following summer.

                    I look forward to learning more.

                    I too just ordered the book.


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                      LIke it was said before, POW residents are too busy in the outdoors to surf the net and for the most part, Southcentral dominates the population of theses forums. Makes sense, since this is where the population is.

                      POW is a paradise. The fresh water fishing may be limited if you compare it to Southcentral, but the saltwater fishing is so much more accessible and moorage is still available in most communities. The Hunting and trapping opportunities are great. I like fishing for Cuthroat and stealhead in the spring. I enjoy spot and stalk bear hunting from the water.

                      The wind and rain tends to make some people crazy. The recent road construction and the Inter Island Ferry Authority has made it much easier to travel there. I know most people are mostly interested in the recreational opportunities of the Island, but as a former resident, my viewpoint of the island is based upon mixed thoughts of recreation and socio-economic issues of the region.

                      There has been a mass exodus of residents since the late 90's. The latest version of the Tongass Managment Plan by the Forest Circus and other land managment issues has forced many of us out of the area. The island population is decreasing every year and with it, many services are going away. That makes it tough to get things fixed if you need automotive work or boat repair. Especially during the summer season. Keep that in mind if you bring toys with you. I've talked to visitors who have dragged boats with them and then could not use them because of a simple breakdown. They could not find anyone to repair it. It can be difficult to find a place to purchase a burger in the middle of winter.

                      Tourism is expanding with many more people visiting than in years past. Lower 48'ers fall in love with the place and then buy up recreational lots which they visit once a year then they join the ranks of organizations dedicated to "saving the Tongass". Sadly, POW has turned into a Starbucks slurping suburb of Seattle being mismanaged by Forest Service policy straight from Washington D.C. There must be at least 50 well funded Tongass conservation groups working to "save the island" and lock it up. I hate to see the hard working families that built the POW communities replaced by government workers who have no real interest or investment in the community. Over 50% of the current island workforce is government and most of that is federal.


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                        Staney creek?

                        Going to be spending 3 days in the cabin on Staney- Any cohos in that creek this time of year? Trout? Just trying to figure out if I should lug the fishing gear down their are just make it a hunting trip. I was there in October last year and the sucker was totally blown out- water up in the surrounding forests. Heard it was low this year but havn't had a report since August. Thanks.


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                          im in klowock now and there has been a lot of rain lately. and more on the way. not sure about the fishing right now but there are lots of humpies in the river, and the cohos been coming in a week ot two ago. best i can tell you right now.


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                            I thought you sold a piece of land on pow and were going to start a charter busness and bring your boat up didnt you go threw all this befor?


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                              I found this on the net, I think it was probably off the Fish and Game website as thats who publishes it but its a guide to fishing Prince of Wales Island. It was really helpful for me when I was fishing the streams earlier this month.
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