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  • Kasilof Trip

    I'm planning on coming to the Kasilof on Wed. and Thur. to dip Reds from my 10' cartop skiff. I've never done this before. I'd like to drive my Toyota Pickup down close to the shore line someplace. Can somebody tell me how to access the Kasilof near the mouth of the river? Also where to get my permit?

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    not a good idea

    You can get to the north shore of the Kasilof from K-Beach Road. There is a sign coming south that indicates the turn down to the beach. The south shore is from Cohoe Loop Road which is across the Sterling Highway from the Kasilof Fish Hatchery. Just drive to the end of the road.

    A note of caution - I would not try to dip from a 10 foot boat in the mouth of the Kasilof River at this time. With the drift gill net fleet coming and going, the terminal fishery in place, the tides and wind situation, and the long tidal flats you can get in trouble real fast at the mouth. It can be a very dangerous place if you do not know the area.

    By the middle of this week (19-21st) Kenai River reds should start up the river in good numbers. A boat fishery exists upstream of the public boat launch - see the regs for the exact area. This area at high tide near slack water can handle a 10 foot boat with adequate power. My friends fish with a 16 foot boat and do real well every year. Also, if you get in trouble there should be other boats to help out.

    Good luck whatever you do.


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      Thanks for the great information. I'm tempted now to take my 16 foot river sled instead of the cartopper. Is there a place I can trailer launch it in the Kasilof if the reds don't show in the Kenai?


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        Not sure maybe others can help

        There is no boat launch at Kasilof. I am not sure if you have 4wd if you can launch off the beach at high tide. Of course you are stuck in the river for 12 hours if you do. I do not think you can do it very easy but commercial fisherman do launch their skiffs from the beach. They have heavy equipment to do it. Others are probably better sources for information on this question.


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          Where do you dip from the boat in the Kenai? Do I just drive the shoreline? Is the aera by the launch better than at the mouth? Appreciate all your help.


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            dip upstream

            The area open is upstream of the public boat launch. Most of the action seems close to shore upstream around the bend. There is a processing plant upstream on the right as you face upstream. From there upstream around the next bend appears to be very good. Just get in line with everyone else and watch were they are catching fish. Just follow along behind them.


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