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Salcha\Chena River Lures of Choice

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  • Salcha\Chena River Lures of Choice

    I was wondering what the lures or rigs of choice are for fishing Kings in the Chena or Salcha river. We where kind of robbed last year with the high water. Also is ther a way to access the mouth of the Salcha river by foot? Thanks.


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    My lure of choice on the Salcha is always an Okie Drifter with red or orange corkie and a spawn sac. I use a 25 or 30 lb mono leader about 2 to 2.5 feet long. Bounce it along the bottom and set the hook when you feel something other than bottom. You will lose a few of these, as the Salcha can have some pretty good snags and rocks in it. Not too bad, though. I have seen a good number of guys fishing Wiggle Warts and the like there, but I think the drifters do better. As far as access goes, the only path that I know of to the mouth goes through private property that is posted. Didn't used to be, but is now, so I think it is out.

    You can fish just down river of the bridge. That area is fished hard, but generally very productive and you can usually find a spot to fish. Pull off before the bridge on the RHS and drive down to the river. Haven't been down there yet to see if you need 4x4 to get through the water.

    I don't fish the Chena, so no help there.


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      Thanks for the info, I was down there yesterday pretty much using whay you said. I was able to drive down to the gravel bar had to put it in 4 lo to get out kind of muddy driving in. The water was clear. I think I will wait fot the count to come up a notch before I head down again.



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