Spinning set up for Silvers?




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  • Spinning set up for Silvers?

    Will be up in the Kenai, Seward area aug 10-22. Question is, I need to set up a spinning outfit for the wife to fish silvers.
    How long of rod?
    Line rating of rod?
    What lb test of mono?
    What kind of spoons and spinners and what size or weight.

    Feel free to name manufacturer's and model #'s

    Cool site!


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    I set my wife up with a 6 1/2' shakespeare ugly stick, shimano 4000 reel with 12lb test mono. plenty of #4 and #5 vibrax, all colors. works in all waters and catches lots of silvers. inexpensive and lasts almost forever. works well with any other lures and bait, like mooching herring or bouncing roe.


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      Silver Setup

      You will get lots of different opinions on this, but here is what I use for a spinreel setup for silvers:

      Rod: 17 to 20 pound 10 feet, but that's hard to find, so 8 1/2 is ok (I like Lamiglas rods) Many use ugly stick rods because they are so tough

      Reel: Penn SS 5500 or Cardinal C-5

      Line: ultragreen 15 pound test

      Lure: Dark green Vibrax #5

      Weight: depends. If I have to cast a long way, I use a small banana sinker, if not then just the lure
      Hike faster. I hear banjo music.


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        silver setup

        Most anything will work... I prefer an 8-25# 8.5' rod with 15# mono.... tie up a swivel below a weight on a slider. Use a 3/0 hook (trailer optional), snelled with a bait loop on a 36"-48" leader.

        For hardward, consider a vibrex spinner or pixie spoon, most any color, chartreusse for low vis, red or salmon egg color for clear water; use a good quality swivel. Others use kwikfish and do very well...

        Nevertheless, if it smells good or is shiny, it should work just fine... good luck


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