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Rook headin for the Bank!

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  • Rook headin for the Bank!

    I've been trollin through the forum...a lot of good info but it seems a lot of you are from the Kenai region...I, However, will be in the Fairbanks area..any gems for fishin this area?

    Thinkin of wading or shore the Tanana huge? Deep? or am I gonna need a boat?

    Also ...BAIT! I am walleye, trout fisher from Alberta where jiggin and lures get the game...never fished for Kings before...will I be ok with a float/roe set up..or should I stick with the ole spoons?

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    I havent heard of anyone actively fishing the Tanana due to its chocolate milk sheen.

    I did however go down to the Salcha River and catch a king last night. 15 pounder too. They are IN!

    Spoons, corkies all seem to be working as well as the wiggle worts from a boat.

    Lake fishing...Try Birch Lake. A friend limited on keeper Trout in about 4 hours. Threw a bunch back too.


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      Thx for the info...I'm leaving for Alaska today....can't wait to get in the river...I'll let u know how it goes.


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