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Reds/Kings in Kenai

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  • Reds/Kings in Kenai

    Any word on the last run yet? It looks like it will be late again. Heading down this weekend hope I'm wrong.

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    I just got back from the Kenai late last evening. The fishing was absolutely horrible. I don't know if it was just me, but I didn't see anyone else around us getting anything either. I would recommend finding other avenues for a fishing adventure this weekend.

    Good Luck!


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      ADF&G Weekly Report, July 9-15

      Salmon – Kenai & Kasilof rivers
      Anglers fishing for Russian River red salmon have reported fair success as the early run continues to slow down as expected.
      If you fillet your fish in the Russian River area, we are requesting that you take a few extra seconds to chop up the carcasses into small pieces and toss the small pieces into fast moving currents. This reduces the piles of carcasses which attract bears. Just remember to “Stop, Chop, and Throw” your carcass pieces into fast moving currents.
      AM radio stations were installed at both the Russian River Ferry and at the Russian River campground. Anglers can now turn their radio dials to AM 1600 for information about the fishery. A video presentation beneficial to anglers fishing in bear country is currently playing at the Russian River Ferry Shack.
      Kasilof River king salmon anglers fishing from boats reported that success rates are low. Anglers are looking forward to the arrival of larger numbers of late king salmon.

      For management purposes, July 1 is the start date of the Kenai River late-run king salmon, and through midnight, July 12, an estimated total of 7,805 late-run king salmon have passed the sonar station. Currently, the 2006 late run is considered below the 5, 10, and 20 year averages for passage through July 10.
      Angler reports and the ADF&G creel survey indicate that many Kenai River king salmon are caught daily. Recent angler success has ranged from slow to fair. Angler experienced poor fishing conditions on July 11 and 12 with many boats not receiving even a strike. Angler success should improve as the late run continues to develop.
      Kenai River water levels are near average for this time of year. Water clarity in the Kenai River was considered good on July 10.


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        Kenai fishing

        I spoke with a fish and game technician today... he was estimating 7-9 days before any real fish will enter the river... He said that all test nets in river and inlet indicate that the fish are not here yet and a large school is in the southern inlet...

        My son works on a commercial drift boat in the inlet and only caught 3 reds (that's right; three!) for a day's work. I hear the beaches are catching a few more but not like they usually do this time of year.

        I fished today and it was very spotty...despite the 6:00 KTUU fishing report...many boats returning empty. One look at the fish counts will tell it all. No sockeye success noticed on the beaches. I and another guide caught a couple of bright, blue backs on plugs(took it like a king)???????

        Tomorrow is another day. There certainly are fish around, but difficult to catch.

        Good luck


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          I agree, I have been on the river all week and it is as bad as I have ever seen it. Hopefully we will get some fish in soon!


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            Yeah it sucked again today in the lower kenai for kings today. I saw one landed all day today!! That big spike should show up any day. I hope they extend the season again this year.


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              Right now, the late Kenai king run is tracking only 80% of the 20 yr average as of July 12. (7.8 K vs 9.7K)

              The ADFG late run Kenai king report is only updated to July 5 and still boasts of very good fishing. King fishing has been on a steady decline ever since, with most of the catch consisting of little "rats" in the 6-12# class. Not that a few big 'uns aren't being caught, but they are far and few between.

              Seems like the ADFG report should be updated to reflect the past week's rather poor showing. Lots of rod-hours being invested for very few fish in the last seven days.

              The low numbers may well be a reflection of late run-timing this year. If you back-date the numbers by several days, it looks more like an average return. Don't count on late run-timing to trigger an extension of the season, though. The only trigger in the management plan for an August extension is a projected escapement exceeding the upper BEG of 35.7K. The later the fish are, the less likely that is to happen.

              On the flip side, if the run is not arriving late and the numbers are truly a reflection of a poor return, we could conceivably see restrictions to C&R, but that's probably unlikely given the lower end BEG of only 17.8 K. The first bolus of sockeye storming the river will easily put the king counter much closer to that goal

              In either case, I'll be a happy camper. The bulk of the fish will either arrive when I do next week, in which case I should be in fish heaven.

              Or they fail to show in acceptable numbers and we go to C&R, in which case I'll still be in fish heaven enjoying a river devoid of the typical July crowd

              Life could be a lot worse.... I could be stuck having to fish the Kasilof instead :P
              "Let every angler who loves to fish think what it would mean to him to find the fish were gone." Zane Grey
              The KeenEye MD


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                Could be worse 'Doc ... managed to pull three for the gang tonight up to upper 30's. Two other boats on the river and blue skies & sunshine. Even if it ain't up to snuff ... we couldn't complain too much


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                  Didn't mean anything derogatory with my Kasilof remark, Bob... I just feel for you guys down there given the intensity of the netting effort in the Kasilof Section and the in-river terminal area.

                  Doesn't surprise me at all that you managed to pull out the only three kings in the river TRBO. You da man.... oh yeah... you da man!

                  One of these days, I'm just gonna have to get off my tiller and spend a day with you. Maybe with Parker in 2008?
                  "Let every angler who loves to fish think what it would mean to him to find the fish were gone." Zane Grey
                  The KeenEye MD


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                    If the lower end of the goal for chinook is not going to be reached the river closes along with the salt water sport fisheries - no catch and release. This is stated in the UCI Kenai River late run management plan. In addition, sport fisheries cannot go to catch and release if the lower end of an escapement goal is not going to be reached.

                    The commercial fisheries also close if Kenai River chinook go below the lower end of the chinook goal.

                    The projection will be made on the 20th of July according to the plans. I assume that catch and release could be implemented earlier if they thought they would want to be higher in the goal range than lower.

                    Just thought you would like to know this doc.


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