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  • Newbie Alaska Bound

    A retired FDNY F/F live in Lake Wales FL & Punta Abreojos BCS MX

    Been fishing 50 yrs from Cape Cod MA toFL Keys and west to BCS. Been a charter Captain, Guide in the Keys, commercial pin hooker in the N/E

    Starting to slow down and enjoy fishing for fishings sake. Just got back into fresh water after 35 years...real peaceful.

    Have a slide on pop up camper mounted on an F-250 diesle (no 4X4) first time without 4 wheel since '69. Get by in Alaska??

    Interested in fishing our way up S/E Alaska, from the shore preferrably,don't wanna haul boat first trip. PLan on being there July/Aug next year....

    Any info, advice anyone cares to share would be greatly appreciated and reciprocal....familiar with all the places I mentioned I fished. Ask away!

    Thanks a lot el Vikingo de Punta Abreojos aka Capt. George

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    Yes, the F-250 with out 4X4 can get you by in Alaska, especially during the summer months. However, you can't drive along SE Alaska and fish the shore along the way, the roads do not connect. Even our state capital of Juneau is not connected by road system to the rest of the state. There are vast areas down there, and up here, where there are no roads, you travel place to place by the Alaska Marine Highway Systems, usually called the ferry system. You would go somehere, get off the ferry, drive the few roads and fish, then get back on the ferry to the next place. Here is a link to the system so you can plan places and cost:
    If you get one of the Alaska Atlas and Gazetteers available through Cabela's among other places, you'll see the road system and the ferry system. By all means come on up and fish, its great fishing through out the summer.


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      thank you much any info I can give you re: all the places I've fished, just ask!



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        Capt George,

        I am also a retired FF/PM (retired as training division chief) from Soldotna, Alaska.

        There are plenty of spots that you can access without any grief along the road system for fishing. Check out the book store on this site: Lots of information related to fishing the road system. If possible, find areas that you can walk a short distance to and you will find remote, quality fishing.

        I am most familiar with the Kenai Peninsula. In late July/early August the first run of silvers will be returning to the Kenai and Kasilof (and other rivers) and the sockeye will be still available on the lower Kenai and really good on the Russian. There are plenty of spots to put an RV and fish. For example, a couple of great spots for sockeye and cohoe fishing are Centennial Park or Swiftwater Park. Both are campgrounds, on the river with bank fishing access. Another good spot to fish for cohoe from the bank is Cunningham Park.

        That, plus what every books your get your hands on and the Gazetteer as mentioned by Bill S. will be of much value.

        Do your homework and you will have an awesome trip to Alaska.

        Good luck,


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          Thanks Brother,

          Been looking fw'd to seeing AK a long time. Got to Baja about 4 years ago, wound up living there for 2 1/2 yrs! I've caught everything from killies to giant bluefins, they're all fish and I get pleasure from every one of them.

          Salmon will be great, have heard much about them, but other species, whatever will be just as rewarding. Appreciate the info.

          Gotta get hold of a cousin, believe he has a cabin on a river in Ketchikan.

          Enjoy your retirement, we've all earned it. George


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            Went to your site

            thanks Ed George


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