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  • Wife Hip Boot Recommendation

    My wife has decided to make my annual trip with me again this year. What are the best ankle fit hip boots for me to get for her? She has waders from previous trips, but she will also need hip boots on this trip.

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    You could probably pick up a cheap pair up here at Wal-Mart.


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      Ankle-fit. . .

      The only true, ankle-fit hip boots I know of are made by LaCrosse.


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        ankle fit

        I plead ignorance. How are ankle hip boots different from the generic hip waders?


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          Ankle fit hip boots do just that, fit around the ankle better allowing you to walk in them with out the boot moving and rubbing the back of your foot causing blisters. The cheaper boots from Walmart that I usually use for fishing, lets your feet move around too much, causing blisters and your socks to bunch up or slip[ down, under your foot. I think I saw some at Sportman's Warehouse last time I was there but can't swear to it.


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            Bill S. is exactly right.


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              I second the LaCrosse, very good waders!!


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                I have Lacrosse myself, but do they make it in women's sizes?


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                  Depends on which boot she gets. Maybe this link will help.


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                    Another option is to look at Cabela's. They have some great ankle fit waders (Bog Buster I think) that actually have a strap for tightening around the ankles.

                    One other recommendation: I have fitted 3 18+ year old daughters and my wife into hip waders...GET WOMENS WADERS. They can get men's sizes and then reduce to fit, but men's sizes typically are wider and will cause blisters...even if they fit lengthwise. My wife wears a 9 womens, and bought an 8 mens last year (Are you sure it fits sweetie? Yes...feels good she said) and after walking to and from the fishing hole...she had blisters on the outsides of her feet from the rubbing (ankles were red but not blistered).


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