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overnight halibut trip from homer

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    different type overnight trip?

    Walleye - I'm guessing your trip was a different type of overnight trip than the one most of this thread was about. Were you guys on the "long-range" trip where you slept onboard and were fed? Did you go out near Shuyak Island (off Kodiak)?
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      I have been out several times with ACM iin the last 5 years...but not this year. Generally I have taken 30 to 80 pounds of fillet home. Generally they run out to Barren Island area and have always caught small halibut the first night. ALthough 3 years ago was out and they got a school of 20 to 40 lbs halibut up to the surface in 250 feet of water....what a riot. THere were candlefish everywhere and a couple of the guys took halibut on flyrods. The deckhand took the crews dinner halibut by putting a piece of herring on the gaff and when a chicken came over to try and take it he gaffed it.....funny thing to watch.

      The next morning the weather turned very nasty and after having nearly everyone chumming they headed back.....we got to the point coming into Cook Inlet and it was out of the wind so they stopped to try and get everyone their second limit. In about 70 feet of water those who hadn't caught their fish proceeded to pull up 3 butts over 200 lbs.....the crew addmitted it was just dumb luck but it was pretty impressive with those massive butts spread over the foredeck.

      I've found it to be a long night with little sleep but if you want to get a couple of limits for the freezer, it is a good way to go. Obviously, as someone pointed out, if you go on a smaller charter of 4 to 6 it is much easier for them to go after bigger halibut......


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        You're right, we were on a long-range trip. After the last couple of messages I think I get the picture.


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          I did an ACM overnight trip several years back on the big boat with 26 people on board. We hit a chicken hole around 11 pm, got our fist limit by midnight, the bit was still on, we were tired, so got our second limit after midnight and called it a day, a long day at that.

          You need to be releastic in your expectations and realize that to get 26 people limits two days in a row, means the boat is going to run to chicken holes.

          I'd rather be on a more selective six pack for a day trip going after bigger fish, or go on an overnighter long range trip focusing on the big fish.
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            Originally posted by Paul H
            I'd rather be on a more selective six pack for a day trip going after bigger fish, or go on an overnighter long range trip focusing on the big fish.
            Can anyone recommend a charter than runs a small boat on a long trip for an overnighter?


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              I don't know if any charters do an overnighter in Aug.
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                overnight long-range

                We went with North Country Charter, they have a captian (Glain) that takes a small boat out to Shuyak.


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