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  • Stolen shrimp pots

    We were fishing down by the eastern side of LaTouche Is. and shrimping as well. However, on July 1st, both of my lines holding our shrimp pots disappeared. They did NOT float away, as I have been dropping them there repeatedly w/out trouble.
    Both w/orange A-2 bouys attached to 600' of 5/8" floating line. Two collapsable pots on one line and three on the other. Bouys are marked w/B. Karcheski on them and AK2035P (boat #).
    Not sure if someone used them as target practice or decided they needed 'em more than and I did. Troopers in Valdez say there has been quite a few complaints of thieves pulliing pots and then tossing the whole mess overboard where it drifts away. We spent the day cruising and looking, but no luck. Even went into Port Chenega and walked the dock hoping to see them in someone else's boat.
    Anyone have any ideas on how to prevent this from happening again?
    I sure would like to catch up w/the person responsible, in the act would be be even better.
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    Welcome to the club BK. I am in the process of trying to figure out if pop-ups are allowed in AK. Something you can do is ask the troopers for enforcement. The next time you are stopped to check the expiration date on your flares, ask the troopers what they are doing to combat the theft. It would be easy for them to set some pots and place a man hidden on shore with photo gear and catch some thieves. Once it gets out in the papers that survelience is being used to catch the thieves I bet the theft drops way off. If we don't ask for help we won't get it. Maybe this will take some intervention from our state legislators to get some enforcement


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      tracking device

      It would be good for someone (troopers or other) to put something in a buoy that could be tracked by gps or something similar. I'm sure it could be done, but at what (and whose) expense. A good way to find pot thieves.

      I know of no way to stop these people. The only suggestion I have is to fish within sight of your pots, or anchor in a cove where you can look out and keep an eye on your pots, or maybe put the pots someplace within sight of where others fish or anchor for the night in hopes that the thieves don't want to take the chance that the pots belong to someone nearby who is keeping an eye on their pots.

      Every time I go to pick up my pots, the closer I get the higher my blood pressure goes until I finally spot them.


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        I am not going to shrimp anymore until I figure out a solution that works for me. I love shrimp but they are not worth the anger I feel when my pots are ripped off. Within the past 2 years we have had a home burgulary, my daughter's car was stolen,and I have had shrimp pots stolen out of Whittier.I am considering only putting out pots near where I am fishing,and pulling them when I am through.I detest giving scumbags another freebie.And no they did not drift away.


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