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    What's up everyone? I will be on the Kenai July 20-30. I want to buy a new bait reel but I haven't been able to narrow it down. I will be in a boat trolling but don't have the funds to hire a guide. ( Can't afford as a group). Everyone has been telling me to go with the abu 6500 and a few choose the penn 965 ( a little pricey for me). What has been working for you guys this year and in the past? I want a decent reel around the $100 mark or under. I would like to go after Kings but I'd like a reel that I can use for all types of salmon if possible. Well, I guess for whatever will be running during the 10 days I'm there. I hope the second run of kings will be on. Anyway, I appreciate any advice and if anyone can recommend a tackle shop near Soldotna I would appreciate it greatly. Thanks for your help.

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    I like the abu 4 less than 75 bucks its a great reel if u want 2 use it for fish other than kings id go with a 5500 or 6000 for weight reasons


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      You might try this old thread for some additional recommendations:

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        The 6500 is a good choice for the money. I've been using one for years and finally had it rebuilt this year. In the mean time I bought a 6601C4 with the left side handle. Never could get used to the handle on the right hand side. So far so good, this year I hooked 21 kings with the new reel and didn't have any problems other than I occassionally reach for the release button, which is a horizontal bar on the 6601.
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 or are both good places to buy quality gear.
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