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Kenai/Kasilof reds vs. Copper River reds...

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  • Kenai/Kasilof reds vs. Copper River reds...

    Copper River reds and kings are touted as the best wild Alaska salmon because these fish must swim farther to spawn and supposedly carry more fat, which, I suppose, makes them more tasty.

    Has anyone documented the difference in fat content/stored fat between Kenai/Kasilof reds and Copper River reds? Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute does not, at least anywhere I looked. Are we talking about real, factual, measureable differences here, or is the supposed superiority of Copper River fish just another folk legend?

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    I have had both several times and i can tell no difference in the flavor, they are both delicious!


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      Copper rivers reds popularity is based on a very succesful marketing and little else. I doubt anyone can tell which river a fish comes from simply by tasting it. People in th NW will probably disagree, maybe in an effort to justify paying and much as they do for it. When you land a fish, cut it gills. This will bleed the fish and help preserve the quality. Good luck fishing this year!


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        Tastes. . .

        Pretty much my thoughts too. . . I find it hard to believe there's any appreciable difference in taste between the same species by river of origin.

        But. . . for what it's worth, I fancy I can taste the difference between a surf-dipped Kenai red and one flossed 20 miles upstream. To my palate, the difference is huge with the surf-dipped fish much, much the better.


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          Without a doubt a dime bright ocean fish is the highest quality you can find. Even (gulp) pinks caught in the salt can be tolerated. Are you heading down to dipnet this weekend? Good luck if so.


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            Fish Camp. . .

            We live in the area so no need to "come down," but we have lots of family in Anchorage, Eagle River, and Wasilla who'll be down this weekend. . . our place is a regular fish camp in late July. Nothing wrong with a fresh, salt-water hen humpy. If we all didn't have such easy access to reds, we wouldn't be such fish snobs.

            Good luck to you too. . .


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