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is it just me?

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  • is it just me?

    or has the whole salmon run thing this year been a little strange? I mean the first fish i heard of being caught this year was a silver. then the kings were late and over in what seemed like a flash and usually there is a break in between kings and silvers but it sounds like all the salmon are running right now? also a 65 pounder being taken out of eklutna? id have never thought that would happen. whats going on, is it global warming? It could very well be just me, ive also thought weve had a nice summer but lots of people disagree...

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    Hmmmm. . .

    Personally, I think it's George Bush, the war in Iraq, WMD, and just maybe the possibility of Hillary running. . . or maybe Frank? Who knows. . .just kidding. . .


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      Preed you make a good point. In my area the King fishing was horrid at best and now the silvers are already here? What is that all about? Anyways, I am about to head down to the river to soak some eggs for silvers.


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        good luck to ya, i wish i was going with ya instead of sitting at my desk!!!
        I think marcus may be on to something.


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          I think Marcus is definitely onto something. It's called INTELLIGENCE.


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