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  • Mercury in Northern Pike

    I was wondering if anyone knew about the Mercury levels if any in the Northern Pike in Flat Horn lake or it's surrounding tributaries?? I Have a pregnat friend that is worried about eating these fish due to the harm it may cause to the unborn fetus. I know that certian sea run fish such as Tuna are prone to this; but freshwater pike??
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    It may seem farfetched to consider this in Alaska but I know in California its terrible as basically all fish even ocean fish have some mercury levels. The freshwater fish get it from eating insects I think. I wouldn’t expect Alaskan Pike to have any due to limited farming and industry around but it would be worth calling the cooperative extension service and seeing if they have any info. That recent daily news article showed that Alaskan salmon and halibut were some of the only fish available that can be found without mercury so at least your friend is safe eating those. Good luck.
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      Old fish

      I was told by my doctor that old fish (5+ years) are the fish to limit consumption of. He said the younger fish don't have time to store much, but the older fish do. Like when buying tuna, it matters which species you get because some of the huge tuna are many years old while the smaller ones (I believe it is the "white" tuna) are much younger (which = more $$). As far as fresh water compared to salt water.... I'm not sure.

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        90 % of all fish have some mercury. the higher levels are all warm water fish. Dont sweat Pike or salmon.
        check this link out!


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