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1st Annual Kasilof King Salmon Derby July 15-29

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  • 1st Annual Kasilof King Salmon Derby July 15-29

    Brought to you by The Kasilof Eagles and Cohoe Cove Campround (amongst the other sponsors as well ).

    Good luck!

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    A day late and a dollar short!

    Well, there goes the "best-kept secret of all of the Kenai Peninsula fisheries". And just before I could try it with the "fewer than ten guides that fish the river on a daily basis through the month of July". (Piscatorial Pursuits web page).


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      I hate to say this but i have too,the only thing good about a fishing derby is the dallors it brings to the local community, 20 yrs, from now you'll be talking about the big fish you use to see on the kasilof,were slowing wiping out the genectics,why do we put more pressure on a fishery that doesn't need it?We had the the big kenai king derby years ago,and look at it now,were fighting for and bragging about 50lbs fish.Back then it wasn't uncommon to see a limit of 55 to 65 with the 70 plus thrown in there...Do you think that it will be different this time??? PS...Bob i'm not blamming you,i'm blamming me and our general public for not understanding such a valuble resource....thanks for your time
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        Originally posted by sheep man
        why do we put more pressure on a fishery that doesn't need it?
        $$$ ?

        "Though the fate of salmon rests in human hands, it is not clear that we will be able to save them even if our society wants to. Part of the problem lies in the conflict between the inherent uncertainty of the natural sciences and the certainty demanded by policy makers when balancing natural resource protection against economic opportunities." (King of Fish: The Thousand-Year Run of Salmon, Montgomery, Westview Press, 2003)


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          Being that everyone in your boat must have a entry ticket, I will guess that I won't be entering much, there's almost always one client who does not want to pay the extra fee.
          Oh Well thats Life.
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            Everyone in the boat must enter?

            I guess the "everyone in the boat must enter" rule is based on the need to meet the dollars required for a reasonable jackpot. What do you do when selling tickets, get everyone together at the boat and sell them so that a person can tell if eveyone is purchasing them or not? I sure would hate to purchase a ticket that was worthless because someone in the boat didn't purchase a ticket.


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              King Salmon

              King Salmon:


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                haha thats crappy everyone has to have a ticket to enter. oh well i guess my buddies 2 year old girl will have to fork up 10 bucks when we get out again. haha
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                  The reason every one has to have a ticket, is to keep a boat full of people from buying one ticket and using the biggest fish caught on it. It's to bad most people don't have enough integrity not to cheat...


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                    Exactly why ... the first year, one guide even tried to buy tickets for his clients half way through his day by stopping at Coho Cove after they'd gotten a nice fish above. It's sad that such rules need to be in place, but it's neccessary


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                      I See That Was For 2006? Am I Right? Is there a recent update?


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                        Originally posted by preed View Post
                        I See That Was For 2006? Am I Right? Is there a recent update?
                        Hey Preed

                        I think folks are just bringing up dead threads from the past, looking at some of recent post :rolleyes:...they must not have to much else to post since the water froze. Must be Cabin Fever already?

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