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    My wife and I will be in Alaska the last week in July and plan to do as much fishing as possible. We are renting an RV in Anchorage and will be spending the week enjoying your great state. Our budget will not allow a lot of money for guided trips but we have scheduled a halibut trip out of Homer. We would appreciate any information you can give us about areas you could recommend for unguided fishing from shore. We want to target salmon but are not picky about the species with one exception. We fished the Kenai river a couple of years ago during the red runs and while they are a fun fish to catch I just don't care for snagging fish. So, I have pretty well decided to not even try for reds this trip. We will not be keeping any fish so it does not matter if the fish we catch are great table fare or not. At this point we are leaning towards spending most of our time in the Kenai but are not opposed to other locations as long as they are not too far from Anchorage.

    Any suggestions you can offer will be greatly appreciated.

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    Help needed

    Anyone have any recommendations?



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      a little help...

      While I don't have loads of experience yet, it sounds like you'll be mostly heading south from Anchorage. And I agree with the boredom of snagging reds, so...

      You could try Bird Creek just south of Anchorage on the Seward highway. You'll have plenty of company, but the pinks/silver should be good by then. You can also take the sidetrip to Hope to catch the pinks there.

      The streams/lakes on the way down to Homer are good for rainbow, but I always love fishing for rainbow on the Russian. I start at the furthest parking lot upstream and work my way upstream until I get to the falls and the easy trail back. Very, very beautiful and trout everywhere.

      The dolly should be strong down in the Anchor river by then, which is just outside of Homer.

      Down in Homer you can fish off the spit or in the fishing hole on the spit. Not sure what species will be around there at that time, but just ask around.

      Hopefully some of the more experienced people on the forum can correct and/or add to this.


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        Try Valdez on the east side. There should be people fishing there and you will see where to fish. Have a nice trip and enjoy your time in Alaska


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          You are coming during a Pink salmon year, there should be tons of them. Bird creek on the seward highway is a good spot, right before you start to climb the hill up to turnagain pass there is a creek called Ingram creek which usually holds plenty of pinks. Hope, is around the corner there is a river that runs through town you can fish from the shore. When you are in Homer, try the "pond" on the spit, it can be fun and may have some Silvers or even Kings. If you plan on heading north from Anchorage try the little sue, there is plent of parking and a well maintained fishing area. You can also hit any number of streams that cross the road like willow or sheep creek. There is also a spot call the Eklutna tail race, kind of different, but still fish to be had. Ship creek in anchorage has a good run of silvers and should be in by the time you are here. Don't underestimate how big Alaska is, it is a haul from Homer all the way to up the Mat Sue valley (north of anchorage). Don't leave out trout, the fishing in Quartz creek north of Kenai lake is great. Good luck and enjoy your trip!


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            Thanks for the advice. I really appreciate you taking time to help me.


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              No problem, glad to help. Check the other post on this site for pinks, they are easy the catch, good luck!


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                try seward

                I went down to Seward the last week of June and I heard so much about how great the Silver salmon fishing is there in the end of July and August. I heard they catch them on the beach at in Resurection Bay right there in Seward at a place called Lowell Point. If you are in the area check out the supposedly spectacular silver fishing there.
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