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  • Kenai fishing around Soldotna

    We will be traveling to Alaska for the first time on July 21st. We will be there until the 30th. We will be fishing the Kenai River around Soldotna. What kind of weather should we expect? What kind of clothing will we need that time of year? What kind of fish will be available at that time of year? Should this be a good time to fish, and will there be any fish running at this time of year? This is a trip I have been looking foward to for many years, I would like to make the best of it. I thank you for any help you can give us!

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    July fishing

    WOW! For your first trip, you nailed not only the time but the year to fish the Kenai. During that time you will have a chance to catch king, red, silver and pink salmon, dolly varden and rainbow trout on the Kenai River. The forcast for red salmon is on the low side, but the indications are pointing towards a good silver return and the pinks are always a lot of fun. One very popular and good spot to fish is Centennial park or Swiftwater park in Soldotna.

    For the weather, I tell folks that there will be weather! So, bring everything from shorts to parkas and rain gear.

    For tackle, stop by Trustworthy Hardware and Fishing in Soldotna and just ask for advice at the fishing counter... they will get you set up.

    Good luck


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