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    was a circus today, went this afternoon just to watch/look what was happening. Parking lot was packed, not full. Water was extremely high and silty, only one fish hooked in the 2 hours or so we were there. Was foul hooked, (on eggs bottom fishing) but still bright chrome, probably in the 25 to 30 # range. Saw a couple more fish rolling, but no hook-ups.
    Just wanted to post my obervations.

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    Ek Tails

    While i havent fished the tailrace i have gone a few times to check it out. yes there was alot of people there, but they all seemed to be enjoying themselves. its just so close and convienient for vally people to go (drive) to, if only it was bigger it wouldnt be so bad. however it is open to fishing 24-7 365 days a year and a 65 pound king was pulled out of there this year! id have never thought that, but it was in the paper. (ADN)


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