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  • renting fishing gear

    Are there places to rent gear for salmon fishing in the rivers? We are looking to spend a week driving from Anchorage to Seward. Some of you have given us excellent suggestions for rivers to fish in. Now, we have to find basic gear. Thanks.

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    Why rent?

    Most rental fishing gear is quite frankly pure junk. Low quality, poorly maintained, and God only knows how old the line is. If they charge by the day, you may well be paying nearly as much as an actual purchase by the end of the week.

    If you were headed down to Kenai-Soldotna, there's no better place than Trustworthy for all your fishing needs.... and at the best prices in the state! However, there are fishing bargains to be had at many stores in AnchorTown as well.

    Buy some basic gear, and if you don't have the room to lug it back home with you, give it to a kid and his friends/siblings in the last campground you stay in.... you'll really make their day.
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      i wouldn't rent either. you can go to walmart pick up a king or silver rod with lures and everything for 35 bucks or so. they have ton of them


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        You are speaking from the perspective of a long time fisherman/outdoorsman, and probably homeowner with room to keep your things. Some people live in a small apartment, no garage, and go fishing once a year. I have rented things and been happy I did, such as a type of boat I would only use once per year. Also something like a dipnet that takes up tons of space would be good to rent, I have done that before. I own tons of stuff, have a lot of room, but renting is sometimes a good idea for some people. Unfortunately I don't know a place to rent fishing gear except on the military base for active duty personnel such as myself.
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          well most fishing shops around town rent. look in the phone book and make some calls.


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            There's always the collapsable rods.
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