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  • FYI Gulkana / Klutina

    I know I push the Copper River Fisheries because I work them so all things being equal I am slightly bias by nature however after the last couple of years on the Gulkana Water-shed being what they were high water, hot temps slow fishing (excuse the follwing phrase) it as almost if the good ole days are back. Yes there is more pressure than ever, but the number of Kings and Reds in the system from the 10th of June to date has been very astonishing.

    I also know the change to the commercial opening in Cordova has some up in arms, but from a guide / client / sport fishing perspective what a great choice the powers to be made concerning the limited harvest in the Ocean early on.

    For those of you who care to know fish continue to enter the Systems in strong numbers, and I think one lost its way from the Kenai today scaled out at 61 Lbs on the Gulkana yes I know hard to believe I will post the picture some day. Reds still seem to be bouncing through in catchable numbers :-)
    As my head guide stated today I wish it were that easy all the time. Take a chance if your looking for fun to catch Kings, and take a couple of extre late days and hit either system over the next 10 days you will not be disappointed.

    P.S. The Hogs are in the Klutina now :-)

    Tight Lines and best wishes!


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    Moose while I understand your weekly reports and how they can contribute to your livelyhood and respect anyone who has to deal with mother nature to earn a living, you surely must realize that this increased pressure can be partly attributed to post/reports such as yours. I also think that the Klutina is now completly crowded and the blame can be placed on NOVA outfitters and their new "village" on the south side of the river. I have seen them take upwards of 10-15 clients to the bridge to fish and have also witnessed supposed guides taking way over their daily limits of reds (limits in the a.m and p.m., and in between). I have only fished these rivers for 6 years, but the increase in pressure is getting to where I have already looked elsewhere to fish. Talk to people who have been here 20-30 years and they don't even fish anymore! I fear we are simply creating a new Kenai/Kasilof. While the dispersal of information such as this is useful for many, I urge people to consider not giving up the ghost on everything/river/species or you may next be looking for a place to wet your line or your shoot your game in a true "alaska" setting


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      The Alaska experience along the road system, is what it is and getting even more crowded. With people come all the social ills. I appreciate all the information posted, as it can only serve to disperse the most extremely crowded opportunities and give people some additional options. Not long ago, the Gulkana and Klutina Rivers were under-utilized, they were gold mines waiting to be mined. They have no where reached their saturation point yet. As more and more people use the areas, some will explore the surrounding terrain and find some of the less populated honey holes, by putting forth a little extra effort and time. They will also find additional hunting opportunities along those rivers, that will serve to disperse crowds. It just makes sense to me, to get as much information out to the public, as possible, so there are more choices and thus more opportunity. After all, aren't we all looking for the same things? Opportunities to harvest fish and game. All too often, I have noticed that once introduced to a given area, most are content to remain going back to that particular place, no matter how much the place has changed, I attribute this to the lack of knowledge. Simply put, more knowledge, more opportunity.
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        Gulkana update?

        Moose or others: How's the water looking for a King float on the Gulkana Friday? I know its a bit late but figure theres still gotta be fish yet in the system? I was thinking Poplar down to the bridge. Might check out the Klutina as well. Thoughts?


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          Wtaer is fine fishing is good

          If the rain holds off you will find ample fish to be had ont he Gulkana.

          Still fish coming into the system fishing from the Forks down to the Bridge will be worth the trip if your float fishing.


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            How far up the Klutina can you run a boat? How about the Gulkana? Any one ever taken that road up to the lake on the Klutina, is it worth the trip? Thanks for your info Moose, keep it coming.


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              Last time i heard the road was not passable around the 4 mile mark.


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                Thanks for sharing info. I moved here a few months back and this weekend I got my first king on the Gulkana. What an experience!! This has to be the greatest place on earth. Appreciate the help.



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                  Klutina Road Access

                  As of last Friday, the road is still closed at 4 mile. It was effectively destroyed by a very large landslide there last year. The Glenallen paper reports that it may be repaired around the end of July, but that will be too late for this year's King fishing. Red fishing on the Klutina was pretty tough last week. There were some limits coming out, but people were working very hard for them. I would recommend inquiring at the local campgrounds before heading down. King fishing was very good, with many fish in the river. Didn't land any big ones, but had a couple nice ones on.


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