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  • Halibut from Sea Kayak

    Any one out there got any suggestions of where my partner and I could find Hailbut in reasonably shallow water,close to Seward,Whittier,Deep creek,anywhere really,the fishing need not be red hot as this would be an event for the both of us.Many thanks

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    Try going off the end of the Spit in Homer. I just read an article on this (I think it was in the June issue of Fish Alaska magazine - check their website) and they had lots of success with flouder off the Spit, and finally hooked into a decent size halibut. Be ready for a wild ride, though!



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      Deep Creek...

      Try the area down the beach straight off the "antenna tower" about a mile out. (ask around if confused about that) Look for the pockets of boats out there. If the water is calm with mild tide you are in for a great time. Lots of 'buts.
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        can u rent kayaks near deep creek ? how do u fish them do u ancore or drift i gess with 5 lbs of weight thats youre ancore ive fished stripers out of my yaks its a blast if a 6 pound striper can drag me around i cant imagine the fun i would have with a 30lb but


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          Nantucket Sleigh Ride!

          One of the biggest halibut I can recall being caught in recent years was over 400 lbs, and I think it was caught in about 30 ft of water off Deep Creek or thereabouts (if memory serves- and it rarely does).

          In other words, you might be thinking 30#... you might add another zero. Especially if you're fishing later after the salmon carcasses are washing out to sea from the rivers.

          Good Fun! Bring your GPS and a satphone to arrange for pickup!

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