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  • klutina river bank fishing

    New to the "valley" area, would like info on bank fishing/camping on the Klutina this weekend. THinking of heading there tonight with my son for the weekend. Have no idea on that area for fishing/gear etc. I have gear, just not sure what to use and for what.
    Thanks for any info...

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    kings / reds

    If you are looking for the reds its just like the kenai. You can fish from the banks right in the campgrounds or walk up the river ( under the hwy bridge ) & there are a few good holes within a short hike. A fly & split shot work just fine.
    Now if you are after the Kings I would bring min. of 35lb - 50 lb test as the current in most places is moving & the fish are good size. A giant orange corkie & glob of eggs will work best in most places.
    Have fun


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      KLUTINA limits

      What are the limits for reds & kings? I couldnt find it in the f&g website...


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        3 reds

        Not sure for kings but I'd guess 1. The campground is plenty good enough to fish from the bank, can't say that they're reasonably priced though, think it was 17 bucks a night for a tent spot last weekend....I take that back, it was 27 because we had 2 tents. 10 for each additional tent. Was there last Thursday, fishing was real good. Luck


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          The last time I checked
          The kings are 1 per day 1 in possession. The reds should be 3 / day / possession.
          BTW, if you are king fishing I know everyone has their personal preferences but pencil lead works well on the klutina, rigged with a rubber band it will break off before you loose the entire leader. Also the 5/0 double hook leader doesn't scare the kings & the trailer hook seems to work good with the eggs on the top hook loop.


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            You'll have to check the regs, but for kings I would use a double hook set-up, each with an egg loop, both of which are underneath an attractor ensemble (consisting of large beads). I know of one guide who uses this setup religously.

            Good luck.


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              Also,the trout are decent in that river, esp. grayling. If your into fly-fishing, its definitely worth the effort. They bite on both wet and dry flys.


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                Thanks for all the info, guess I will bring my fly rod & trout rod too...be prepared for anything. Where would I fish for grayling? Small spinners work for them too? Guess I better tie up some double hook leaders... I have all singles with 6-7/0 for kenai, but guess i could try them also. What about drifting a bobber with eggs?
                Any fishing reports?
                thanks again!


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