Deep Creek Butts




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  • Deep Creek Butts

    Anyone doing any good on butts out of DC. If so, could you give a guy a hint as to where to start??
    There's plenty of room for all Gods creatures; right next to the mashed potatoes!

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    100 ft. deep

    My roomate went out this monday and said they launched and went out till they got into 100ft of water and started reeling them in. He told me there were about 15 other boats right about the same area and they were all catching too. I also talked to a co-worker and they did well with a couple 60#ers and one that was 165# with some chickens for the rest of the limit.

    Good Luck


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      DC Butts

      I stopped there on my drive back from Homer on Tues & everyone I talked with said they did good to great over the 4th weekend. I don't know how big your boat is but we are planning on going down either late Fri. or Sat in our achilles.
      There seems to be a group of inflatables down there that have the trip down to a science from launching to cleaning now I just have to figure it out.
      Anyway as far as location goes I just picked up a chart & have been told by many to go to the antenna ( south from the launch on the high bluff you can't miss it ) & then go straight out from 3 - 6 miles.
      I am thinking about just trying to follow other boats or looking for groups anchored up. I do have one spot marked that is about 6 miles out that will work but I know there are other productive holes closer if the weather is rough or windy.
      Let me know when you plan on going & maybe we can meet up at the campground / launch & share info.


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        Sounds Good

        AKMarmot, I'll keep you posted on when we head down there, I don't know if we can post phone #s but here's my cell 603 738 3997 give me a ring and we'll figure something out.
        There's plenty of room for all Gods creatures; right next to the mashed potatoes!


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