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  • late is too late?

    I am late looking but I would like to go out and get a few kings. How late is too late to make a trip down, and how long will they be in?

    I did a Mahays boat in down in Talkeetna 2 years ago and did well, it was the last week in June. Can they still be caught and eaten in the middle of July? Where at?

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    Kenai river is open until 7/31 unless an EO comes up to extend the season, but dont count on that. Lots of chromers, but be prepared to spend some time, hire a guide if possible or take a boat out yourself, but after 6pm tues-sat & sundays no guides on river all day. (gets the guides off to clear up the congestion a little). Remember 35 HP limit only. Bait is open....


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      Kings July

      If your bouncing down the Richardson and I do mean Bouncing! The Gulkana will be producing Kings till close 19 July and the Klutina will be producing till the 31st of July. Do not expect Chrome fish by then, but ample numbers to make the trip worth while.


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