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Something Strange this weekend

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  • Something Strange this weekend

    I saw something that perplexed me a bit this weekend and wanted to see if anyone knew anything about it. I was down in the Copper River valley and saw a person fishing in the Klutina River with a planer board. It was a bit of an odd setup. The planer board was tied to the bank and was being used to get his line out into the current. Looked like he was fishing a large crankbait (Wiggle Wart or similar). I didn't see him catch anything, but also didn't watch that long. It was an interesting way to keep your lure out there without having to cast all the time. Anyone ever heard of anything like this before. Also, is it legal? I couldn't think of a reason that it wasn't.

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    It was probably a side planner made my Lure Jenson or a Water Shuttle made by Trail Creek Inc. The Water Shuttle is by far the best product. They are used a lot in the northwest to hold a plug out in the current. You can fish the whole river with one!


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