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  • Sitka and seasick

    Question my wife is prone to seasickness. She has never tried meds and will try scopace this outing. We are going and taking our two daughters the first week of August. Any suggestions where to tell the charter company to take us to catch halibut if she gets sick out on the open ocean such as Hoonah Sound?

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    Well, as far as the seasickness goes, have her try some ginger, tabs or caps. They can be bought at a health food store and work great for seasickness. Take them a couple of hours before sailing and then continue every couple of hours if needed. Ginger is proven to be successful at combating motion sickness, and the added benefit is NO drugs. All the "remedies" that you can get OVC and from the dr. makes a person drowsy, which isn't much fun when trying to land that barn door!


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      Go with the pills, not the patches. The pills better control dosage. You can find more info on the web googling scopace.


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        Recycling again...

        Im bringing this thread back because my girlfriend...and myself have gotten sick on a boat before. It was a really bad day on the water, and it had been years since we had both been on a boat.
        I have since gotten used to it because my brothers and I bought a small boat last year so I have grown used to it. My girlfriend on the other hand has only been on a boat 2-3 times in the past 3-4 years.
        I saw on that 'mythbusters' show that ginger really does help, but what about those patches behind the ear?

        Last year we did a charter out of Tofino, BC and she took those pills but she slept most of the trip. She didnt get sick but she wasnt awake enough to realise we were rocking back and forth!
        Id like her to enjoy the few times we will get out on the water while in AK so I was wondering if there is something she can take, and I, that will not make her drowsy?

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          hey soda, in most health food stores they sell a non alcoholic drink called ginger beer,it has ginger in it you have to shake it before you drink it, because it settles on the bottom. it helped my wife and she gets sick on the dock. also whittier would be better for her because it does not have the swells of seward or homer. another thing is the wrist band that hits a pressure point is suppose to help, never tried it, all the sea sick medicine will make you sleepy.


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            The wristbands work well for a % of people - a number of pregnant women I suggested them to had success using them.

            Like anything, some things work better for some people.

            Some additional info:



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              A number of people I know have used dramaine and a stay-awake pill.[no-doz] These have worked when the other stuff have failed. But I'm not a doc so I'm not saying to do this, but I have seen it work a lots the last 4 years


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                Try Zofran

                Give Zofran a try. I have been suffering from severe nausea attacks since I got back from Iraq. My wife would get sea sick just looking at my boat. Lived in Hawaii for 5 years and loved to Marlin fish, tried to take the wife many times, but she would start to vomit within just a few minutes. When we got here and I went to PWS I told her she had to see it. My Doc put me on Zofran, it is used for the prevention of nausea and vomiting caused by radiation therapy and chemotherapy for cancer, and, in some cases, to prevent these problems following surgery. It is pricey about 10 to 20 dollars a dose. This stuff is amazing, will not make you sleepy. She has never got sea sick taking it. We have enjoyed many trips out now thanks to Zofran. We are going on a week long boat based black hunt in a couple weeks. She would have never got on the water without it. We tried many things and this was the ticket. Only available by prescription.

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                  My dad and me get sick also and have tried just about evrything
                  The elictronice watch that zaps you
                  the wrist things that push on nerve
                  all kinds of tablets that soposed to help
                  and ginger capsuls

                  All of obove did not work other than the drugs that puts you to sleep
                  what worked is
                  full peices of ginger ( just bite a chunk of when sick and chew)
                  patches behind the ear (got those from clinic)
                  so far the patches have work for me but they don't work for dad so he chews ginger.

                  The onother reason for getting sick one native told me is you have to be comfertable on boat as if your at home


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                    Let's look at it from a different perspective - one of being on a charter boat with other people besides you or your party group.

                    As a fisherman, especially on a paid charter boat, the last thing one wants to do is have to compromise their fishing because someone is puking on the boat. That's unfair to both the crew of the boat as well as the other fisherman.

                    It's the sea. There will be waves and motion.

                    Dramamine seems to work and work well. Have them take it. Forget the other "remedies". They might work for the veteran salty dog, but for a novice who is prone to motion sickness, that's plain just bad advice.

                    As I like to say, it's better to be a little tired and enjoying your day on the water, as opposed to puking, curling up in a fetal position, and whining to the skipper/crew to take you and everyone else off of the fishing grounds.

                    I'm sure there are other prescription drugs/patches that one can take. I know there are. Get a prescription from your doctor for one those patches, etc. Take the drugs.

                    If one still gets sick - than I'd stay off the ocean. Probably a sign that you're not a Salt Sea Dog.


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                      If the weather conditions are less than ideal or rough it's better for the person prone to sea sickness to stay on dry land.


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                        hoonah sound can get ugly in a hurry!!! She also lays down real quick. I havent seen it unboatable but I have seen it almost unfishable. Friends of mine have warned me of fishing in that area so take heed, it's not a hidy hole.

                        As for patchs pills or what not. Most do well with dramamene if taken in advance of the day of the trip. The patchs work well also but need to be worn before the day you go out. Have been told not to take both (patch or dramamene), cant verify that, just passing it along.

                        But like steelie guy was saying bad weather is bad weather. Some skippers may know some hidy holes to fish flatties but the reality of it is, neither of you will be happy. She'll likely be sick and you'll likely be missing out at a chance at your barn doors.


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                          Different options take time to know if they will work. My daughter gets motion sick in a car as well as a boat. What helps her is to eat pickled ginger while on the boat. She gets some extra from a Sushi place. Dramamine makes her sleepy but it is effective. Here is a trick that helps her, it may be different for you. She takes 1/2 a tablet the night before the trip. She takes a quarter tablet when she wakes up and a quarter tablet when she gets on the boat. Total tablet was 1 but it is spread over 8 - 10 hours. Seems to be enough in her system so she doesn't get sick but not so much she is to tired to enjoy the trip. She may get a little drowsy when sitting in the sun and drifting but as soon as there is a tug on the line the fight is on.

                          I also understand that something similar can be done with Scopace tablets and is why they work better than the patch. ie you can adjust the dosage easier.

                          You need to experiment until you find what works. It is better to know the dosage before the all day charter.

                          If it was me I would try the Dramamine dosage before the trip to see how tired she was with the dosage spread out over 16 hours. You might not know how effective it would be but you would know if she would be to tired to enjoy the day. If the water looks rough when getting to the boat take another half tablet. Just a thought.

                          Another thought is to put her on rock watch and have her assist the captain in watching for floating debris. Concentrating on the "road" in front often helps prevent sickness.
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                            Thanks for the advice everyone.

                            She's not the type to just get sick looking at a boat. She gets sick when the water is nasty or 'almost' nasty.

                            Have any of you ever tried the '5 hour energy' drink? That this is CRAZY. Seriously. I drank that thing at 11am and could not sleep at 2am. No crash, no drowsiness, nothing. I was awake, not overly excited, but awake. Worked like a charm.

                            I was thinking maybe she could take the dramamine and a 5 hour energy drink. The drink is not a 'drug' so it might be ok.
                            Random guy in Fly shop: "Where did this happen???? In real life or in Alaska?"


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                              Try Meclizine Hydrochloride. It can be purchased over the counter under a number of names. My wife uses it for an inner ear problem and we use it on our show dogs. Lets them travel without throwing up and they are still "up" for the show ring. Alot better than dramaine that we used years ago. Only about five cents a tablet! I've use them and really didn't notice any drowsy feeling.


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