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  • Can't Believe This!!!

    So the other day, my girlfriend and I, are fishing at the Eklutna Tailrace. Not more than 20 minutes after showing up she hooks into a huge king. It's zipping line and shes running down the bank chasing it. After about 15 minutes the line finally snaps, takes the lure and everything. I felt terrible for her. After Calming down, we both throw back out. I get a bump on my line and start to bring in what i thought was a big stick, turns out to be a rod. The rod is bounceing around. Well there was a fish on that rod. So i bring it in with out much fight, and net the fish. Well turns out it was my girlfriends fish cuz it still had her lure in its mouth. If she didn't tire that fish out before theres no way i could have brought it in on that trout rod that hooked my line. So I ended up with getting my lure back, a fish and a rod. I later found the guy to lost his rod. Crazy story.

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    Thats a story that is worthy to be told over and over again.. The best part is you got a pic to go along with it... Good size king for Eklutna.. What did it weigh??? Thanks for shareing



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      It ened up being 49.8 lbs. Bigest king I ever caught


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        I once watched my buddy land two rainbows at once......He hooked a large trout that then apparently, while fighting, "lassoed" a smaller trougt around the gills. It was the wierdest thing because he felt the take, set the hook, and said he had a big one, then this little thing is jumping around, then the next jump it's this large fish....just wierd. What are the chances?


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          That's quite the story. Awesome ending!


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            What you best "guesstimate" as to the age of this fish?


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              Originally posted by ARTSBEST
              What you best "guesstimate" as to the age of this fish?
              The only reason this fish got caught twice is because it only lived in Alaska about a year, having spent the rest of it's four years on a cruise to Japan. The fish was still a cheechacko, by Alaska standards.

              I've lived in Alaska 21 years and have only been hooked once; in the ear by my wife. But at the time I had only lived here six years.

              See the "How long have you lived in Alaska" thread for more details.


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