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  • Any good lake to hike into

    My father is coming up soon, we are both big into finding small lakes with big fish walking there and using a float tube. Any ideas on where I can find some nice fish in a remote are......we have no problem hiking 7-10 miles or more to find some real good fishing.

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    Punchbowl Lake in Misty Fjords

    Punchbowl Lake is a beautiful alpine lake that is stocked very well by the State w/ Arctic Grayling. Big ones I might add. That lake is great fishing and a beautiful place to combat fishing there. There are always floatplanes heading that way and a drop-off and pick-up for a day is cheap (as floatplanes go) or take your boat to Rugyard Bay and tie off to the Forest Service bouy. The lake is up a 1 1/2 mile trail.

    King Salmon are so thick in the saltwater back there right now. You can catch them on anything!
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      Lost Lake Trail

      I have recently heard someone speak very favorably about the scenery and fishing of Lost Lake Trail near Seward. Also heard about a place called Paradise Lake. I think that there is an upper and lower Paradise Lake. All have been spoken of highly. You could research these names further to gain more perspective.
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