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  • juneau charter suggestions/warnings

    HI, I'm an avid angler in Tampa, Fl. comeing to juneau on a cruise and was looking for some good info or reccomndations on a charter for 3 or 4 people, half day or so, we will be in juneau on the 13th of july. I know it's close but I only just found this forum.
    being from a very popular fishing area I am aware of the wide range of charters available, some good some not so good and some that just don't care.
    we have a great forum in tampa (captmel.com) which is a great source of info should any of you head down this way.
    I know no-ones likes to give bad reports but if there are ant that have a history of violations and such please email me privately, I would hate to give them my besiness.

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