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Stolen Shrimp Pot, Whittier

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  • Stolen Shrimp Pot, Whittier

    Had great fun looking for my new shrimp pot set-up yesterday.Told the Harbor Master it was stolen. He said that I was about the 30th report this month.Great fun. I looked at a used boat today in Anchorage.I asked the owner why the trailer had side guide brackets but no carpeted boards. He said the last time he was in Homer the boards were stolen. Nice to know.

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    Sorry to hear that. I wish If they caught anyone taking another ones pots they loose there boat and there fishing lic.
    Living the Alaskan Dream
    Gary Keller
    Anchorage, AK


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      Report it

      From the ADF&G weekly fishing report for PWS.....

      "Shrimpers are encouraged to report any shrimp pot disturbance or thefts to the local authorities", and "Shrimpers are reminded that new regulations in 2006 now make it illegal to disturb anyone else’s shrimp pot without their permission." Not that a pot thief would read this and care.

      Be sure to report it to the police. I wonder if there's not some good way to mark (maybe engrave) pots. Maybe you'd see them at some garage sale. I mean, what are these scum bags doing with all of the pots they're ripping off???


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        I know that thefts do happen all too frequently out in the Sound, but I will say that I have found four strings of pots floating in 1,000+ feet of water over the past two summers. I'm not suggesting that yours were set in too deep of water, but it happens way more often than people think. Lots of people try to save a few bucks on rope and set in too deep of water - the pots float off and they assume someone stole them. I've gotta say, there is no substitute for lots of buoy line and good charts. I'm sure you're aware of this, but maybe there are some that are thinking of running some pots that are reading this. Make sure you know the depth of the water you're fishing and add 100 feet of rope, just in case. 100 extra feet of rope is a lot cheaper than replacing your whole setup and going through the frustration.



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          It is a good idea to remind people about adding rope length.In my case I had over 200' of extra rope and had added weight in the pot. I had a funny thought about the boat trailer with the missing side guide boards. I guess one explanation could be that they came off and drifted away when he launched his boat.My Hewescraft had it's side curtains for the soft top drift away while parked on a street in Anchorage a few years ago.


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            I too have found a few strings of pots floating in a million feet of water over the years. most of them I have been able to return to owner. Also If your pots are in the way of a commercial gillnetter or seiner i know that most of those guys will just cut the line on your pots rather than dick with them all day or try to drive a set around FYI.


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