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State Troopers in Seward waters- Thumbs Up!

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  • State Troopers in Seward waters- Thumbs Up!

    Today myself, my son and my brother were fishing in Res Bay for silvers. A State Trooper boat pulled up along side of us and asked us some questions about our safety gear, fish we caught, etc.
    Then they asked us for our license. My brother showed them his non resident annual license and when I reached in my wallet to show them mine I realized I didnt have it. A few weeks ago I went to the lower 48 for a long motorcycle ride and pulled everything out of my wallet except what I needed for the trip.
    The officer was very polite and recorded my name, etc and told me he was not going to write me a ticket but he would research to make sure I had purchased a license (I had).
    This was the first time I was asked for a fishing license up here in almost 30 years. I do not know the officers name but he was very professional. It was nice they are patrolling to make sure everyone was legal and I was very impressed they were not out to simply cite people.
    I thank the officers involved.
    (When I returned home the license went back into my wallet immediatety)

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    Glad to hear you had a good experince with them. You hardly hear of that anymore. All you hear anymore is complaints.
    It's good to hear that they were out there patolling the waters. What question were they asking about your safety gear. This will help with iothers just incase we forgot something.
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      Not to hijack this thread...but how was the silver fishing? I am going down to Seward the 5th-7th...and would love to come back with some bright silvers...

      When all else fails...ask your old-man.



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        I was out in seward in the middle of may with a charter. The troopers pulled up to us and did the same spiel. I am glad that they are out checking on things and trying to keep people honest. but they were very nice and didn't give us a hard time about anything, the guide got asked a couple of weird things, but nothing too bad.


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          Fishing was so so for us. Everyone around us was catching silvers. We were mooching and trolling with planers and only had a few good hits. Later in the day my son found a piece of banana taffy in our lunch bag!!!!!!!
          Seriously, We usually kill the silvers but this trip we couldnt hardly buy a bite. Lots were being caught but they all looked smallish 6-8 pounds. We fished Pony Cove.
          We wanted to fish further out for halibut but we found 6-7 foot seas outside the bay.
          The troopers asked about our flares, life jackets, fire extinguisher, and throw able pfd.


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