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  • Halibut Cove Kings

    I was wondering if anyone has fished halibut cove lagoon for kings. We plan on camping out by yukon island & I wanted to head up to halibut cove in the zodiac to check out a trail or two & hopefully hook into a few kings if it was worth the time.
    Is it pretty self explanatory how to follow the channel to the lagoon & which side would be best for fishing ? I am guessing row or vibrax just as in the lagoon on the spit?
    Any info would be appreciated.

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    heads up

    most, if not all, the beaches on yukon are privately owned. the rest of the land is federal wildlife refuge. all of cohen and hesketh islands are private.
    better access to the lagoon would be from wright beach across from and just east of the lagoon mouth. there are also good campsites at the lagoon with moorings and tent platforms.
    the run from halibut cove to yukon can be quite snotty in the day breeze, as you are completely exposed.
    also, i believe the lagoon just opened to snagging, so the fish will be cleaned out pretty quick here.
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      Thanks for the heads up.
      Actually we were hoping to camp on kayak beach depending on how many people are out there friday night. Just used Yukon Island as a ref pt. as its close by. We were hoping to get in some halibut fishing around hesketh & head up to halibut cove for a day or so over the long weekend ( Sat - Tues )
      to get in a hike & hoped to grab a king in the lagoon. Sounds like we might have to rethink it split camps or scrap the latter part.



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