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  • sliding sinkers on salmon rigs

    Is it critical to have a sliding sinker when setting up a spin and glow rig for Kings? Also any thoughts on dacron or braided line compared to monofilament. Thanks for any insight.


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    sliding sinkers?

    The answer to your question is: depends.

    Though like anything else with fishing, there is an abundance of methods and techniques, and most seem to be very effective. Here is what I do:

    I tie my rods with a slider above the swivel. This allows me the option to use the slider or not.

    When back trolling for kings, I will use a down planer on the slider and the terminal tackle on a leader attached to the swivel.

    Likewise, when back bouncing, I will put the weight on the slider and rig as above.

    When drifting, however, I will disconnect from the slider (though I'll leave it in place) and secure a 3-way swivel to the snap swivel at the end of the main line. I'll attach the leader to one of the other eyes and a teardrop weight on the third eye.

    You can see more information and diagrams of the above at

    Again, this is the way that I rig for salmon. Hope that helps. Good luck


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      What size planer do you use on the Kenai? Also, do you need to run a planer with a Kwikfish?


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        I use all sizes of planers depending on water flow. Typically in May and June, I'll use a 20' planer. Later, early July and in shallower water, I'll use a 40' and finally in the big water of mid-late July I'll use a magnum.

        For the plugs, I'll use a planer in the deeper water, but if fishing 6' or less, you shouldn't need one. There is an advantage with a planer in that it dampens the rod action, but also dampens the hook set.

        Good luck


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          thanks for the info. I am planning on hitting the kenai for drift only in a couple of weeks.


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            Drift only Kenai

            Should be really good in a couple of weeks! Where would you be putting in?

            Remember that the slot limit is in effect until July 15 above the Soldotna bridge. Also, if you know the river, the College Hole closure is in effect until the 15th as well. Otherwise, it's keep any fish!!! I hear from the private drifters who fish on Mondays that back bouncing the deep holes has been extremely effective.

            Good luck,


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              was going to put in at centenial and float to eagle rock. did the trip last year around the same time and had good luck at eagle rock.

              thanks for the reminder on those regs.

              how has your season been going so far?


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                That sounds like an excellent plan... The only closed area is in the vicinity of College hole, just below the big rock in the middle of the river. Look for the yellow signs.

                Backtrolling on the way to the deeper holes should produce... If you rig up like I do, the change over is simply changing the planer for the cannonball.

                My season is going great. The catch is off and on right now, as usual but things are looking great... visibility is excellent and temps have been right in the range. Of course every day is a new day with new challenges... That's why they call it fishing...

                Good luck


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