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  • Bird Creek & Hope

    A buddy and his seven-year-old son are coming for a week-long visit in mid-July. This is their first trip north and they want to catch fish!

    Since I'm new to Alaska, I'm not very familar with the local fishing opportunities at this time of year. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    I've made reservations for us at the Russian River Campground, but it may in-between runs by then. If it's dead, I'm thinking Bird Creek and Hope might provide some alternative action.


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    With a 7-year-old kid, I'd highly recommend Hope. At the Russian or Bird, there will be lots of lead and hooks flying. Plus, when the pinks are in at Hope (I don't recall when the run is), it's hard to not catch one.


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      Pinks, eventhough they are not a highly sought after fish, they are a breeze to catch and easy to handle on the end of a light weight rod. I have never fished Hope but I hear its prime fishing grounds for pinks. I am assuming the middle of July might be a tad early and they will have just started to trickle in. When I used to fish Bird Creek there were not a lot of people lining the banks in mid July. Its still a little early for silvers at that point in time, but you might find some pinks and dogs.

      I would pick up a Highway Angler by Gunnar Peterson. I have one that is ancient but it tells you when the runs start to trickle in and peak. It has helped me catch more fish than I can remember. Its a must have for anyone looking for new fishing grounds.


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