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  • Fishing trip

    My 11 yr old is an fisherman and would like to go on a fishing trip while we are in Alaska. We are torn between fishing for salmon in Talkeetna vs Seward. Whch place has better fishing, less crowded? Any suggestions? Thanks.

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    Fisherman's choice

    It all depends on when you coming up really. If you are in Talkeetna this weekend, try Fisherman’s Choice charters. I went out with them back in 2004. They were absolutely amazing. If I remember correctly it cost around $125-$150 per person. If you have fished for Kings before and you have your own gear they do drop-offs for around $45.


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      Apples and Oranges

      Two completely different trips. One thing I do know is that most kids have to have action or they give up. If it were me I'd go on a charter out of Seward. I recommend Saltwater Safari, having fished with them many times. If charters are not an option, go with a drop-off out of Talkeetna with Mahay's Riverboat Service. These are the two options most likely to produce fish.

      Good Luck!

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