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Valdez pinks/halibut??...

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  • Valdez pinks/halibut??...

    I have family in town this coming weekend thru the 4th, anybody know if the pinks are working into Allison yet? Its probably a tad early, we hope to get them around the 2nd thru 4th of July.
    Any recomendations for a Halibut charter in Valdez? My sis would love to take some flatfish home with would we.
    Thanks everybody!
    Proud to be an American!

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    pink buts'

    Just had a co-worker get back from Valdez, said the pinks were jumping from the narrows all the way out to Naked Isl. so hopefully they'll be in the port by next weekend. I'm taking family down there next weekend too and they're my backup plan! Far as charters, I went out on a boat named North Country several years ago and they worked their ass off for us. I'll see if I can find their actual company name and get back to you if I can, I'd recommend them. Luck


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      Try Halibut Grove for a halibut charter in valdez. My wife, son and I fished with them last july. Had a great time and caught our limit. Tell melvin(owner-operator) that Bob sent you along. He was scheduling out of easy freeze in valdez. You may want to book ahead. Good Fishing


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        Just called my charter boat (Lady Luck) to get an update on the fishing down there.
        They said there catching some nice fish and the wetaher has been rainy,but today was a beautiful sunny day.
        Also asked them about the pinks as that is also my back-up plan for some fun
        and he said heard of any out at the point yet.
        Last year while down there for the forth it rained three days straight on me but I did catch 143 pinks in that time just fishing off and on,even caught a twelve pounder nine ounces shy of tying the state record.
        Keep an eye out for me as I'll be there for five to seven days down there starting the 1st or second.Have fun everyone.
        Well to get ya'll fired up and excited here is my son with his nine pound hen he swore was a ten pounder Man I love it!

        And the one that missed the record by nine ounces.

        Well be on the boat or on shore at the point,see ya'll there.Daniel,Serena and Justin


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