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    i just moved to Juneau from Minnesota. I need someone to take me out and teach me how to fish around here. i would like to learn how to catch salmon, halibut, crab, ect. I would be willing to pay for gas and bait. i would also be willing to moe your lawn, shovel your driveway and walk your dog. i am pretty desperate for someone knowledgable to take me out and show me somethings. I am 26 years old and just got to town. i love to fish and to eat sea food. I think this is the place for me.

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    just want to go fishing


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      You moved to the right place

      I am from NC, but I have visited Juneau for the past two years on 7 day fishing excursions on a Nordic Tug Charter. The SE Alaskan waters are absolutely beautiful. While there I have also rented a car and hit some of the roadside rivers during my stay in Juneau. Now that it is getting to be late June the Dipac there in the middle of town should start seeing good numbers of returning fish. The locals down ont he bank have always been very friendly and informative. Also ask at the West Marine, they are always very friendly with advise as well.

      Last year we visited during the hatchery king run into fish creek and fish creek pond on Douglas island. The fish are a bit dark, but if you can get an early one they are great smoked down at the Taku seafood house in cruise ship alley. Check the lastest regulations on the AK fish and game web site for the fishing regulations. From the Regs that I just read it looks like there should be another good run in fish creek pond. We also ran the Glacier highway #7 North to Cowee Creek and got into good numbers of fresh Pink Salmon. We just released our catch, but they did look nice and fresh.

      Once on the boat the fishing is a different story. Our trips have been 7 days journey's around Admiralty island. We have caught nice dungies on the south end of Admiralty and gotten into the Silvers on the back side of Douglas with a few kings. The Halibut fishing has been phenominal for us. Last year our boat caught and released one in the #100 range and one in the #150 range. We had good success in the #50 eating class as well. I am sure you will hook up with a local soon that will take you up on your offer, especially with the bait and gas offer.

      Good luck and enjoy your suroundings!


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        I learned a ton of stuff just recently from an older guy I was fishing next to. It took about 20 minutes to break the ice, but then he went on and on and on about fishing (the last 25 years), and would answer any question I had. He even laid out a good story about how a moose had chased him last week (and this guy is well into his 70's). Over a couple of hours I learned a huge amount. And then this forum site has helped my learning curve quite a bit.
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