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  • castnets in Alaska

    I have 1 or 2 castnets I've been carrying around with me since I lived in Texas. I used them for bait back there. I'm wondering if I can legally use them at any time of the year here in AK, and if so under what circumstances? For instance, would they be ok to use instead of dip nets...or even could I use them in fresh water to get some minnows?
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    the simple answer is "no"

    as they are not listed as a legal method of take, they are de facto illegal. a few years ago when there were tons of herring in the harbor here the issue came up, and i was told that it was not allowed.
    i think this is a good example of a regulation that could be changed by the proposal process....someone who wants to use cast nets could make a proposal to the BOF, it just seems as if it has never been addressed.
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      one thing would be to contact fish & game directly with the question. That way you will know for certain.


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