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  • Jobs Relating To Fishing and Hunting

    Just wondering how many on the forum actually have a real job that relates to our vices? Saw this opportunity on the Deshka Landing website. Sounds like it would fulfill someones fantasy. Would be way better than working in a cubicle no doubt. Check it out at Wonder how many youngsters and individuals getting out of the military dream the dream of coming or remaining here, to Alaska to experience the land and only wind up working in an city office or retail building? I don't see that many locally advertised jobs for outdoor related activities, or than the occasional bus driving jobs for the big tour companies.
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    Jobs in hunting-fishing etc

    Many years ago I helped develop and now run a shooting-hunting & fishing program for the Paralyzed Veterans of America, the PVA Heritage fund. I had been involved in the industry for many years before that in a consulting capacity which I still do as well.

    Granted most times it is better than sitting in a cubicle but it is not always the fun, glamour etc that some may think it is. I spend appx 8-9 months a year away from home and did 90k miles on American airlines last year all that with a wife and kids at home. ex: I fly to Anchorage this Wed, I just found out Yesterday (sat) I have to go to Honolulu on Friday for a mtg and then fly back to Anchorage (Anch-LA-Honolulu=9hr flight, same on return flight). I was planning on fishing during that time.

    The black bear I shot in May was only the second big game animal I had taken in close to 4 years, no time. But what I do with the Paralyzed Veterans is worth it, when I take them hunting I watch them hunt and watching them take an animal satisfies for the most part my desire to pull the trigger myself when I see their face.

    For the most part it is still a job. The great part is that when I am taking about hunting and fishing I can usually call it work related.

    Any job in the fishing/hunting industry would be different much like any other, some great some not so.



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      Well i am starting College at UAA and the Ttransfering to uaf for my major FIshery Sciences. I plan on being a biologist for the state fish and game. I cant wait even though i have6-10 years of school.... I will also be beginning to get mypilots license for private aircraft. soo i should get a lot of fix of the outdoors, and hopefully a lot of it at work. lol thanks vegas
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        I suppose commercial fishing would count as a related job. I grew up spending the summers on my parent's commercial longlining/shrimping boat out in PWS. I still spend 6-7 weeks each summer longlining, though our boat is out of commission this year. I love being out there, even if it does mean 20 hour work days. Somehow it's still spectacular, despite the bleary eyed exhaustion.



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