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  • What Happened??????

    What in the world happened to the King runs in Seward? Years ago I used to be able to go down to Seward and almost garauntee to catch my limit over the weekend. Now, in the last five years or so, you can hardly even witness a fish caught from the bank. The last three trips to Seward this year I hooked one fish and witnessed one being landed. These spots include the waterfall, harbor, and the creek culverts by the harbor. Also, its rare to see anyone use a snagging hook from the shore. Last Friday and Saturday I was the only person using a "fish finder" , eveyrone else was useing either a vibrax or pixee?!?!?!?! For the last three trips this year I beat the water until my arms were about to fall off. Nothing, except one hook up that got away.

    Its almost like I dreamt these last three trips?!?!

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    I got one this morning using a kodiak custon silicon skirt spinner. I just dont think the numbers are there to hook up with a snagging hook.


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