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    Hey just wondering how the king fishin has been up on the parks.. Was thinkin about making a quick run there this weekend and giving it a shot..Just wanting to know if they are in
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    Just hiked in roughly a mile down Willow from the Parks and saw nothing. Talked with a gentleman from Oklahoma who said they saw plenty of rollers at Sheep Creek yesterday.


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      Montana Creek

      Spent Saturday afternoon thru Sunday afternoon at M/C. Definitely not "hot" by Montana Creek standards. I had 2 hook-ups with neither landed There was one spot where quite a few were being brought in. Fish were nice and bright, but didn't see any of the Montana Hogs pulled out. Thanks for leaving them guys.....

      Water came down in the morning allowing you to see the snag that was claiming lots of gear.

      Best time was early AM. Lots of fish surfacing, and even a couple nice acrobatic shows by a big boy or two. Gotta love when 30 lber does the back-flip.

      Good Luck



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