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  • Emergency Order

    Russian goes to 4 a day 4 in possession Sunday, Me and best friend limited in 15 minutes today. Dont go fight the idiots at the sanctuary/confluence, there are plenty of fish in the Russian.

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    Wouldn't be surprised to see it go to six a day before the season is over.
    I was wondering when that was gonna happen.

    Over 18K past the weir as of 6-22, and historically only a quarter of the run has gone thru by that date. At this rate, they'll see double the upper limit of BEG swim past the weir unless they raise the bag limit.

    Look for another increase in the bag early next week.
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      Yeah i was there today too. I went up the russian and got my bag in about 20 casts. It was preatty hot! The t5 or 6 guys that were there when i showed up where still there when I left... I love it.


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        Now you did it telling everyone to stay in the Russian. Let everyone go to the sanctuary/confluence. LOL
        4 a day wow I might have to stop by there on my way home from Homer.
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